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Finally, the truth is revealed about Manhattan’s Deutsche Bank building fire. The devastating fire at 130 Liberty Street in the heart of Manhattan’s financial center – a short distance from what was the World Trade Center – was one of the worst fires in New York City’s history. Two firefighters were killed, and 105 were injured. One of the firefighters killed during the horrific fire was author Graffagnino’s son, Joey.
The thirteen stories draw readers into a compelling web of intrigue and suspense. Some are funny, others sad, and still others capture the inner conflicts that torment us yet hint at hope for a brighter tomorrow. Readers immediately identify with the bigger-than-life fictional characters that make us ponder our inner selves, fantasies, dreams and passions, and question how far we're willing to go to get what we want. -The Mirror.
A bet between a demon and an angel created the existence of Ma Li, a fifteenth-century warrior priestess, and Mary, a twentieth-century Taoist priestess. Their driving force was to avenge and to obtain justice for their families. The story of Ma Li and Mary is one of love, loyalty, betrayal, and survival at all costs. Each had to fight her own battles, but each knew she had a sister she could count on.

This book is a hard-hitting, exciting read with unique plot twists and an incredible premise. (The Journey of Mary/ Ma Li )

P.M Griffin, author of the Star Commandos series.