Fantasy & Horror – Short Stories

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The thirteen stories draw readers into a compelling web of intrigue and suspense. Some are funny, others sad, and still others capture the inner conflicts that torment us yet hint at hope for a brighter tomorrow. Readers immediately identify with the bigger-than-life fictional characters that make us ponder our inner selves, fantasies, dreams and passions, and question how far were willing to go to get what we want.
The Mirror. Scorned by superstitious villagers, gypsy witches are forced to defend themselves against the church and government persecution.
The Feather. Caught up in an eternal struggle, a courageous young man pays the ultimate price in order to defend family and friends.
The Bank. Down on their luck, three people risk paying a heavy price so their dreams come true.
The Wood Fairy. Con artists evil acts of desperation find that nature has its own method of justice.
The Taxi. One way or another, there is no escaping the universal laws of justice.
The House in the Clearing. A chilling climax provides the background of a centuries-old curse where past and present collide.
Like You But. Lighthearted, endearing tale of unrequited love.
Firemans Test. Terrified firefighter finds himself in a life-and-death struggle to avoid confronting crippling fears hes kept buried for decades.
The Ashtray. A young couples wrongdoing has them on the run. Yet they find that justice has sealed their fate.
The Flame of Courage. Abused by her family, a young girl prays for help. Out of desperation, she finds a way out of her torment that changes her life for the better.
The Aqua Detective. A merman detectives police skills and curiosity lead him to New York City to help solve a case where help comes from an unexpected source.
The Sorcerer. An evil leader of otherworldly beings gets his comeuppance when he confronts something he cant control.
Satan’s Bible. A two-thousand-year-old relic resurrects a biblical legend that brings modern technology, the Catholic Church, and a nun to battle demonic possession.