The Saga Of Mary & Ma Li

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The Saga of Mary & Ma Li is the final piece of a fantasy and adventure trilogy. A ruthless Chinese billionaire industrialist and his gorgeous homicidal maniac enforcer convince the leaders of China to support their plan to manipulate the world’s stock markets and thus control the world. With China’s political and military might behind them, it seems that nothing can stop their plan of world conquest. As fate would have it, their accountant is a CIA undercover mole operative. Mary and the Carrington Protection and Recovery Agency are hired by the CIA and the Chinese billionaire without each side’s knowledge to find and return the elusive agent and the secret documents he possesses that prove China’s involvement.

The story unites modern China and feudal Japan in turmoil. Old enemies and new ones become allies to destroy Mary and Ma Li. Unknown to the spirit sisters, a bet between a demon and an archangel centuries before was the catalyst that created both Mary and Ma Li and the mystical swords that became their weapons. These same elements are needed by demons to open a chasm between the world of humans and the demon realm to start an unholy revolution.

Mary and Ma Li are thrown into a fight for survival in both the mortal and spirit worlds. Friends’ loyalties are tested, and enemies are forced to trust one another. Ancient prophecies are fulfilled—not the ones written by man but the original vows witnessed by long-dead spirits and enforced by demons and angels.

The saga now comes full circle for Mary and Ma Li. The past and the present combine to decide their own fate. But who will decide the survival of supportive friends, loving family, and Mary’s children?

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