joe g1Joseph A.(J. A.)Graffagnino started writing advice and trouble shooting technical telecommunication articles in the late 1980’s. Articles on cellular telephones, paging systems and voice/ data systems have been published in Fuel Oil and Oil Heat magazine and Real Estate Today magazine. Having diversified interests Joe has written extensively on his passion for tropical fish. His articles have been published in national and international magazines. These in-depth articles have been published, along with his photographs of these aquatic creatures in Aquarium Fish magazine (AFM), Freshwater and Marine Aquarium magazine (FAMA) and Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine (TFH). He has also been published in the American Cichlid Association publication the Buntbarshe Bulletin, along with numerous local aquarium society publications throughout the United States and England. His expertise in aquatic life has led to guest speaker engagements at aquarium societies throughout the Northeast.

Joe’s first short story, a thriller fiction, titled “The Taxi”  was published in February 2010 in the web based Necrology Shorts.

His first novel, “The Journey of Mary/ Ma Li”  is the second book in a series.

Joe’s second novel delves into a different genre – “Fantasy & Horror Short Stories ” was released on December 30, 2015. There are 13 stories of intrigue and suspense.

Soon to be released is a non-fiction novel, due out in early 2016.

J.A. Graffagnino lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and many tropical fish aquariums.