THE FIX IS IN – The Deutsche Bank Building Fire Conspiracy

Cover - The Fix Is In

Finally, the truth is revealed about Manhattan’s Deutsche Bank building fire. The devastating fire at 130 Liberty Street in the heart of Manhattan’s financial center — a short distance from what was the World Trade Center — was one of the worst fires in New York City’s history. Two firefighters were killed, and 105 were injured. One of the firefighters killed during the horrific fire was author Graffagnino’s son, Joey.
Graffagnino refused to believe what high-level government decision makers were telling the public — that the fire was an accident.
After eight years of relentless research in pursuit of the truth — combing through public records and interviewing firefighters on the scene, government officials, informed observers, whistle blowers and eyewitnesses — Graffagnino uncovered the truth. The horrific seven-alarm Deutsche Bank building fire was no accident. And all efforts to quell the raging inferno were in vain.
The Fix Is In is not based upon a conspiracy theory, opinion or undocumented rumors, but confirmed facts. Graffagnino places blame where it belongs and exposes the people who benefited from the catastrophe.
Find out for yourself. Discover the disturbing truth about a calculated and complex conspiracy involving top governmental agencies, corporate leaders and organized crime figures.

“The Deutsche Bank fire was preventable,” – said FDNY Captain Simon Ressner.

“Preventive measures were deliberately sidestepped in the name of ambition and in the name of money.”

The Saga Of Mary & Ma Li

The Saga of Mary & Ma Li is the final piece of a fantasy and adventure trilogy. A ruthless Chinese billionaire industrialist and his gorgeous homicidal maniac enforcer convince the leaders of China to support their plan to manipulate the world’s stock markets and thus control the world. With China’s political and military might behind them, it seems that nothing can stop their plan of world conquest. As fate would have it, their accountant is a CIA undercover mole operative. Mary and the Carrington Protection and Recovery Agency are hired by the CIA and the Chinese billionaire without each side’s knowledge to find and return the elusive agent and the secret documents he possesses that prove China’s involvement.

The story unites modern China and feudal Japan in turmoil. Old enemies and new ones become allies to destroy Mary and Ma Li. Unknown to the spirit sisters, a bet between a demon and an archangel centuries before was the catalyst that created both Mary and Ma Li and the mystical swords that became their weapons. These same elements are needed by demons to open a chasm between the world of humans and the demon realm to start an unholy revolution.

Mary and Ma Li are thrown into a fight for survival in both the mortal and spirit worlds. Friends’ loyalties are tested, and enemies are forced to trust one another. Ancient prophecies are fulfilled—not the ones written by man but the original vows witnessed by long-dead spirits and enforced by demons and angels.

The saga now comes full circle for Mary and Ma Li. The past and the present combine to decide their own fate. But who will decide the survival of supportive friends, loving family, and Mary’s children?

Ma Li & Mary

A bet between a demon and an angel created the existence of Ma Li, a fifteenth-century warrior priestess, and Mary, a twentieth-century Taoist priestess. The trials and experiences these two women endured, the battles they fought, and the people they met in their travels were merely guideposts along their preordained path. Separated by five centuries, the connection they shared survived and strengthened. Both women learned and grew from their spiritual bond.

Ma Li Chins father, a brilliant general and friend of Chinas Emperor, and her mother, a favorite in the emperors court, were betrayed by a vengeful and jealous officer in the court. Her parents were killed, and Ma Li had to flee for her life.

Mary Petrovichs mother was a Sioux Indian cryptologist working for the US government in Moscow, and her Russian Secret Police father was forced to flee to Chicago to escape Soviet and American government agents in the 1980s. They took refuge with her uncle, a crazed, sadistic gangster. He murdered her parents and repeatedly beat and raped her before she escaped at the age of twelve.

Both Ma Li and Mary entered the same Taoist temple in China where they were taught not only to survive but also to become skilled in martial arts. They learned that they could help each other and learn and grow from each other. Both women had motivating forces that kept them going, to beat all their enemies and to survive to do battle another day. Their driving force was to avenge and to obtain justice for their families.

The story of Ma Li and Mary is one of love, loyalty, betrayal, and survival at all costs. Each had to fight her own battles, but each knew she had a sister she could count on.

Fantasy & Horror – Short Stories

The thirteen stories draw readers into a compelling web of intrigue and suspense. Some are funny, others sad, and still others capture the inner conflicts that torment us yet hint at hope for a brighter tomorrow. Readers immediately identify with the bigger-than-life fictional characters that make us ponder our inner selves, fantasies, dreams and passions, and question how far were willing to go to get what we want.
The Mirror. Scorned by superstitious villagers, gypsy witches are forced to defend themselves against the church and government persecution.
The Feather. Caught up in an eternal struggle, a courageous young man pays the ultimate price in order to defend family and friends.
The Bank. Down on their luck, three people risk paying a heavy price so their dreams come true.
The Wood Fairy. Con artists evil acts of desperation find that nature has its own method of justice.
The Taxi. One way or another, there is no escaping the universal laws of justice.
The House in the Clearing. A chilling climax provides the background of a centuries-old curse where past and present collide.
Like You But. Lighthearted, endearing tale of unrequited love.
Firemans Test. Terrified firefighter finds himself in a life-and-death struggle to avoid confronting crippling fears hes kept buried for decades.
The Ashtray. A young couples wrongdoing has them on the run. Yet they find that justice has sealed their fate.
The Flame of Courage. Abused by her family, a young girl prays for help. Out of desperation, she finds a way out of her torment that changes her life for the better.
The Aqua Detective. A merman detectives police skills and curiosity lead him to New York City to help solve a case where help comes from an unexpected source.
The Sorcerer. An evil leader of otherworldly beings gets his comeuppance when he confronts something he cant control.
Satan’s Bible. A two-thousand-year-old relic resurrects a biblical legend that brings modern technology, the Catholic Church, and a nun to battle demonic possession.

The Journey Of Mary / Ma Li

From early childhood Mary Petrovich has had visions of a girl named Ma Li Chin living in ancient China. As time passes, the images became clearer until it seemed that Ma Li was physically present, and as Mary grew, their bond became stronger. Mary’s parents, a Sioux cryptologist working for the U.S. government in Moscow, and her Russian Secret Police bodyguard father, were forced to flee to Chicago to escape Soviet government agents in the 1980’s and take refuge with his brother, a psychopathic, perverted gangster. Her uncle murders her parents and repeatedly beat and rapes her before she escapes at the age of twelve. Ma Li was a 15th century warrior priestess whose family was murdered by a spiteful samurai leader over a family heirloom that Ma Li won in a tournament. Ma Li is impulsive, demanding, and aggressive while Mary is courageous, righteous, and cunning. The driving forces for them are revenge and loyalty to each other. Charlotte persuades Mary to accept a top secret undercover job from Interpol. Her task is to stop a powerful Mexican drug lord from dispensing an elixir created by his crazed Russian scientist girlfriend that would enslave all who take it. If successful it will unite all of the drug cartels under his leadership. While in Mexico Mary meets Jack and their romance begins. Mary is coerced to fight a duel as entertainment for the drug lords. It becomes a duel to the death and unknown to Mary and Ma Li, Asegi, a samurai sword expert, has her own spirit help in the form of samurai warriors. When Mexican and Interpol agents storm the hacienda the cartel leaders take Mary prisoner and try to flee through the town. Their jeep overturns in a demon created fog. Demons attack the group and only Mary and Jack, along with the mysterious old man, are left to fight the evil spirits. The demons want their souls and Mary’s special weapons. The battle is almost lost, in desperation Mary throws her tomahawk into a wedge between realms created by the special swords. The explosion that follows sends the demons back to hell, saves Jack and her and also frees Ma Li to enter the physical world temporarily. Mary, by joining with Ma Li’s spirit body, can see into the past and the spirit world. Mary and Ma Li become true sisters and allies as they realize they must continue to fight enemies in both the physical and the spirit realms.