Q – How can I contact you to obtain more information about your published work?

A – The fastest way would be via email at JAG.author@gmail.com, but you can also Facebook (Author.J.A.Graffagnino) and Twitter (@joe_graffagnino) me.

Q – How can I find and purchase your books?

A – Works on paper can be obtained at local book stores, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble book stores, via the internet.

electronic editions, in Kindle are available at www.Amazon.com and in Nook format at Barnes and Noble.com

Q – Work in progress?

A – The final book in the trilogy of Mary & Ma Li has been released on November 15, 2018 – “The Saga of Mary/ Ma Li”.

My next writing adventure will be a detective novel called “The Surgeon”. The setting will be during the Indo-China war between Vietnam and France. Locations will include Korea, Vietnam, France and Pennsylvania. The story is about a skilled surgeon who takes on patients that other doctors wrote off as already dead and miraculously saves their lives. But then why do the authorities believe he is also a serial killer?